A school where students pursue mindfulness, creativity, and scholarly inquiry to become architects of repair in their local communities and around the world.


Students becoming great leaders

"I believe Odyssey Leadership Academy will play a pivotal role in the development and cultivation of our youth, building young men and women of character and tenacity who will be equipped to face the pressures of society and make a positive impact in the world."

Michael Hirsch, Executive Director of Loveworks Leadership


What is OLA?

Odyssey Leadership Academy is a coeducational sixth through twelfth grade school located in the vibrant core of downtown Oklahoma City. We are actively reimagining schooling as the process of fostering human and communal flourishing through emancipatory education. 

We want to redeem the narrative of education, to change the current story of eduction where students are labeled by grades and numbers instead of who they are as unique, important individuals. Everything we do is to start raising students to be architects of repair in the city, for the city.



The Odyssey to Odyssey…

Exploring Our “Why” and Experiencing our “How”


Mentoring Students

We believe that each life is valuable and that each person's story is important. Mentoring is a time and space we create at the beginning of each day to help guide each student well through the journey of life.


Education Rooted in Community

At Odyssey Leadership Academy, we believe that learning can happen anywhere and everywhere! We create relational partnerships with public spaces (libraries, museums, parks, universities, art galleries, medical facilities, businesses, non-profits, etc.) so that students get a full immersive experience in their community and around the world!



Student Portfolios

Courses at Odyssey are shaped in unique ways to engage students in deeper learning and understanding of the topics at hand. Instead of exams at the end of each term, we celebrate! Students create works of art, spoken word pieces, dance performances, and unique displays of information or an idea they took away from their course and present these to the larger community of OLA family, friends, and partners. 

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