Job Description


“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”

- Albert Einstein

At Odyssey Leadership Academy, it is the job of the Professor of Mathematics to foster a vision for mathematics that elicits wonder, rootedness, health, purpose, well-being, innovation, curiosity, and exploration; to help students become mathematicians able to create, design, and discover unique and original content within a robust learning environment; to shape opportunities wherein students use mathematics to experience awe, curiosity, imagination, and inquiry as an entry point to exploring the cosmos, the world, and their own unique place in both.

Ideal Professor of Mathematics Candidate

  • Understands the purpose of education is the in-forming of adolescents in ways that foster health, well-being, and flourishing within an ecosystem of care

  • Sees mathematics as a field to be explored, a language to be spoken, a lens through which to experience wonder, inspiration, and discovery

  • Uses the discipline of mathematics to usher in a sense of awe, awakening, engagement, application, and connection to the larger human condition and experience

  • Understands the role of “Math Professor” at OLA is not merely to teach mathematics but to help students become mathematicians in their own rights

  • Is a deep reader in fields beyond mathematics and is able to make connections between mathematics and the other disciplines in the formation of wise, virtuous, and compassionate human beings

  • Has the ability to teach all levels of mathematics in innovative, engaging, and imaginative ways

  • Creates original courses that incorporates the larger pedagogical vision and mission of OLA

  • Is able to make use of primary source material (Plato’s Menos and The Republic, the works of Archimedes, Euclid’s Elements, Descartes’ Geometry, Newton’s Principia, Galileo’s Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Einstein’s Relativity, Freeman Dyson’s Disturbing the Universe, Daniel Tamet’s, Thinking in Numbers, Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Universe, e.g.) as part of a curriculum of mathematics

  • Thinks holistically, peaceably, and communally about mathematics as a department and helps resource, train, equip, and encourage faculty to do the same

  • Fosters departmentally engaging, robust, innovative, and inspiring learning environments

  • Expresses enthusiasm for mentoring adolescents both inside and outside of the classroom



  • Gives shape to a robust, big-picture curricular vision for engaging the discipline and dialogue of mathematics within the OLA model

  • Helps faculty within the department of mathematics walk out this picture in healthy, integrated, transformational ways

  • Models and assists teams in modifying and differentiating to meet the needs of the individual learner  

  • Serves as a mentor and role model in the creation of a learning environment that supports health, well-being, and human flourishing

  • Assists in planning, teacher training, and orientation for teachers on a regular basis

Instructional Practice  

  • Researches, recommends, and assists with implementation of methodologies and practices that lead to high student engagement, curiosity,  and wonder

  • Promotes instructional practices that are modified and differentiated to meet the needs of the individual learner  

  • Assists in planning the professional development program for faculty

  • Assists course teams through collaboration, classroom observation, and professional development

  • Works collaboratively alongside a cohort of teachers in math and other subjects

School Wide Leadership  

  • Supports the mission, vision, and values of Odyssey Leadership Academy

  • Upholds the culture of Odyssey Leadership Academy

  • Fosters an environment that promotes respect, responsibility, and trust.  

  • Adheres to the policies, procedures, and guidelines of Odyssey Leadership Academy (as outlined in the OLA Faculty Handbook)

  • Takes on other duties and responsibilities as assigned  

  • Participates in and contributes to the development of the OLA community  

  • Assists in interviewing teachers during the hiring process

General Qualifications, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities  

  • Ability to communicate effectively, think deeply, and care well about the flourishing of students

  • At least 3 years teaching experience at the secondary or post-secondary school level  

  • Proven leadership skills and experience  

  • Robust reader and thinker in and beyond the subject area

  • Ability to lead and function in a unique, innovative environment with a mature approach to challenges  

  • Passion for quality education and high expectations for self and students

  • Enthusiasm, Empathy, Wisdom, Gratitude, Perseverance, Imagination, Kindness, and Curiosity

The Hiring Process

If you are interested in this position, please email the Executive Director, Dr. Scott Martin, with:

  • A two page letter of interest

  • A resume / CV

  • Three references that can speak to your character, teaching style, and passion for education, mathematics, and students