Afternoon Courses from 1 - 3 pm


Student, Harrison, painting live for his art expedition's final project, at Celebrations of Learning Spring 2017.


Creating moments of wonder

At Odyssey Leadership Academy, we help students craft their own educational journey to fit their passions, interests, needs, and desires.

Odyssey Expeditions meet in the afternoon from 1:00--3:00 pm, Tuesday - Friday, with Mondays serving as Service Leadership. Students have the chance to engage in our diverse selection of courses guided by our Mentors, or design their own educational experience during these afternoon sessions. 

Examples of Expedition Electives Offered

  • Photography

  • Culinary

  • Creative Writing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Woodshop

  • Karate

  • Russian

  • Spoken Word

  • Debate


Voyage Program: Apprenticeship Opportunities

Odyssey offers students opportunities through our Voyage Program to work with real-world experts in a wide variety of fields. Odyssey Voyage students have been able to:

  • study piano and musical theory

  • intern at an architectural firm

  • serve at a local non-profit

  • work with a local graphic designer

  • study cosmetology at a local vo-tech school

  • shadow a law enforcement officer

  • earn their realtors license

  • work with local city planners

  • research the criminal justice system

  • intern with local politicians

  • take concurrent enrollment classes at a local university