Morning Courses FROM 9:30 am - noon


We structure our class times as a journey undertaken with one's peers in order to discover, create, and explore new things.


EACH SCHOOL year is broken up into Four course BLOCKS.

What are course blocks? We offer four terms of eight-week courses that allow students to dig deep into one particular conversation. This means that students are only focusing on learning one topic for those eight weeks instead of the seven subjects taught in traditional school settings. This provides students the chance to go deeper, ask questions, pause for reflection, and cover more material in one unit than most traditional students would cover in a whole semester.

Each course meets from 9:30am - 12:00pm every day for eight weeks (it is highly encouraged and expected that the time is spent in a variety of ways: interactive conversation, lecture, small group work, outdoor exploration, reading time, workshops, acting, etc...).

Once a student chooses a particular course, the student is engaged in that course for the duration of the eight weeks. We do offer many courses at one time, so students will miss out on the other options during that semester. However, our courses are very popular and are offered in future semesters for those who were not able to take them the first time.

Student, Julian, talking about his Celebrating Differences course final project with Celebrations of Learning attendees, Fall 2017.


Course Examples

  • For the Love of Poetry (English)
  • Game Theory (Mathematics)
  • The Problem of Evil (History)
  • Fixing the Body (Science)
  • Nature's Folklore (English and Science)
  • Math: the Quest for Wonder (Mathematics and History)
  • Celebrating Differences (Social Studies)
  • Nutrition (Science)
  • Peace building (Social Studies)
  • Gender Reconciliation (English)
  • Leaders of the Past and Present (History)