Are you a teacher, or SOMEONE seeking to be a teacher who

wants to be a part of something that changes lives and communities for generations and has dreamed about having the freedom to design your own curriculum based upon your talents, interests, skill sets, and experience? Are you innovative and imaginative? Do you value creating life-long mentoring relationships with students? Are you looking for a place that values your development as an expert in your field? Do you want leadership opportunities from the start? Do you want a school environment that takes you seriously as a professional? And, most importantly, do you want to help rewrite the story of education?  


If you can answer yes to the above questions, then Odyssey Leadership Academy is a place for you! Mentoring students is the core of what we do, and in order to pour into students daily, the development of bright, talented, caring, enthusiastic teachers is extremely important to us.

What Odyssey Offers Mentors

  • Paid stipends for professional development opportunities
  • The chance to create your own courses in collaboration with fellow colleagues
  • The chance to pursue research interests within your field
  • Annual faculty retreats 
  • A progressive, innovative atmosphere where dreams are encouraged, visions supported and dynamic thinking rewarded! 
  • An ongoing  commitment to your professional growth through retreats, meaningful professional development opportunities, collegial mentoring, shared readings, and leadership possibilities from the start!
  • The chance for you to travel the world as a Mentor on Odyssey Excursions. From backpacking the Rockies to leading a poverty simulation to teaching in St. Peter's basillica, we encourage Mentors to journey with students on life-changing experiences!

What does a mentor do?


Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university 

Deep heart for students

Passion for seeing education reimagined

Love for community and collegiality

Ability to thrive in a team dynamic

Willingness to travel, hike mountains, camp under the stars, travel the world, lose sleep, and gain blisters on behalf of students

Excitement for teaching and mentoring

High integrity in all walks of life

Commitment to deep mindfulness and personal development


Are you interested in being guided in a new type of education, but aren't ready to lead your own class? Come learn from our Mentors in the classroom and in Mentor time to develop your skills and philosophy of education.


High School Graduate

Interested in education

Deep heart for students

Passion for seeing education reimagined

Love for community and collegiality