"My visit to Odyssey Leadership Academy this past fall is one that stands out very distinctly in my memory. An authentic passion for learning and strong communication skills are the two elements I most actively look for in prospective students, and I found those in abundance at OLA. In all the classrooms I visited and student groups I met, learning, as well as sharing what they were learning with me, was an opportunity, not a task. It was clear to me that academic exploration is something students engage with actively at OLA, and that students are empowered to take on paths that excite them. Students like this, who can engage passionately with learning, instead of seeing it merely as a means to an end, are the kind of students that thrive at Hendrix."

Hannah Hill, Assistant Director of Admissions, Hendrix College

"One thing that sticks out to me regarding the types of courses and critical thinking that happens at OLA is that these students will be well prepared heading into college.  This isn’t to say that students from other schools aren’t well prepared but this school has a feel of college level thinking and course work.  They know how to research very well, they know how to write papers they know how to cross over different subject to discover real life solutions to real life problems.  In other words, their hard work and skills developed in high school will pay off immensely at the college level.  As for Wichita State these students would fit well in our honors college because we aren’t more work but more meaningful work and that is what I see the students of OLA are getting to experience."

Jerome Bennet, Assistant Director of Admissions, Wichita State University

"The unique educational environment and opportunities afforded students at OLA contribute to their capacity for flourishing in academics, and beyond that, in life, in a number of ways.  First, the faculty of Odyssey create and sustain a supportive educational environment, which gives students the confidence to explore, dream, and develop their own ideas. Second, instruction at Odyssey transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.  This is incredibly advantageous to students who will be enrolling in colleges and universities that are now promoting interdisciplinary work in both research and teaching. Odyssey students will be accustomed to "thinking outside of the box." Most important, Odyssey nurtures creativity. Students are encouraged to be open-minded, yet intellectually humble.  They are encouraged to be rigorous and to persevere in learning, yet to love learning and to be creative in the course of pursuing their dreams."

Dr. Nancy Snow,  Director of the ISHF at OU

"I believe in Odyssey because it is time to start taking a serious look at how our children receive their education. Odyssey is not just a step in the right direction, it has a chance to create a new model for the world to see and emulate."

Justin King, Attorney at Law